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Entrepreneurs needing Venture Capital can list the details of the Business Opportunities. Those searching for JV Partners , Franchises, Distributorships and those looking to Buy Or Sell a Business can LIST  their requirements. Search our database to find venture capital, strategic partners and intermediaries to fund and grow your business. It is FREE.

All those wishing to sell their business can list the details of their business in our Database. They can also search for the Business Buyers Database locate companies that are looking to buy businesses like theirs. Business Buyers can also list their target businesses and search the database for Businesses for sale.

Locate Joint Venture Partners to suit the needs of your business. List details of your business and the profile of the JV partner you need, for others to find you. Find Technology, Marketing, Production or comprehensive Equity alliances by searching our database.

Businesses can become part of our  database to offer their franchises or distributorships to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can search this database locating franchising and distributor opportunities.

Find  management consultants, brokers, intermediaries , business advisors and other business facilitators by searching our database.  If you are a consultant/ facilitator then list your profile on our database to improve your workflow.

Read about  the happenings in the world of  Venture Capital , M & A  and Dotcoms. SUBMIT news about your business and let others know about the progress you are making.

Interact with  professionals, entrepreneurs and investors using our Bulletin Board. Post your queries , answer the questions , and read all the advice on starting, funding, managing, growing and selling your business.

Post the JOB OPENINGS in your business or search through our database of resumes to find requisite staff for managing your company. If you are a professional looking for a job, you may post your RESUME in our database to make it available to our  business visitors, and search the Jobs listings to find a suitable job opening for yourself.

Find information about the forthcoming events in the VC, M&A and Dotcom world., Read about and participate in meets, exhibitions, seminars , short courses, and other similar events.

Email us your questions relating to raising venture capital, business plan creation, finding partners, buying or selling your business or any other issues relating to the running, managing and growing your business. We will send our advice free of charge.

Download software for use in the management of your business.

Hundreds of  researched links to provide you with resources and information relevant to every aspect ,and all stages of growth ,of your business.

SEBI is the Venture Capital Industry Regulator in India. Read about the Venture Capital Guidelines and related special reports.

Tired? Overworked ? Under Pressure? Take a Break! Click here to recharge your batteries. Read and enjoy our collection of jokes, cartoons and other interesting tidbits ..

Reserve Bank Of  India (RBI) Exchange Control Manual and Forms , especially useful for the Non Resident Indians (NRIs) investing or doing business in India.

"Am I an Entrepreneur ?"                   We have for you a collection of Entrepreneur Tests available on the net. Take the tests to understand yourself and entrepreneurship better. These tests are a part of our Online Guide on Entrepreneurship……read this guide to learn more and prepare yourself for living the life of an entrepreneur.

Download forms & Checklists to manage your business.

A comprehensive database of  over 1000 Venture Capital Funds , including those in India and the USA.   All the International  Venture Capital Associations are also available in the database.

Educate yourself  by reading our comprehensive online guides to learn about Entrepreneurship, Creating a Business Plan,  Raising Venture Capital , Angel Investors, Incubators, Joint Ventures, Buying or Selling Businesses and Franchising. Remember, more you know, more likely you are to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

VCs, Angels & Incubators can search our database to find business opportunities to invest in. They can also LIST their investment preferences and criteria  to enable quick and direct contact by the entrepreneurs. Improve your dealflow…for FREE. is a virtual Venture Capital M & A exchange. Its a FREE Listing site. It provides resources to Entrepreneurs, Investors and Intermediaries with the objective of creating an efficient venture capital and M&A Marketplace.

"What Do VCs Really Want?"          Find out by reading the results of our web-based survey on The Indian Venture Capital Industry Practices. This Survey was conducted in  Oct/Nov 2 000 and its findings are a "must read" for you , if you looking to  raise venture capital.

In Resources you can find a collections of "Businesswares" ranging from articles to software downloads to SEBI Guidelines to RBI Manual. Things which an entrepreneur will find useful.

Articles written by our panel of experts on various issues relating to the VC and M&A and Dotcom   domain.

Get update of the happening news - Industry News, Venture Capital News, Corporate Finance News, Dot Com Doom News. You can submit your news if you want it to appear in our Headlines.

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