VentureAhead.com is a Virtual Venture Capital and M&A Exchange.

VentureAhead.com is a FREE listing site for raising venture capital, finding strategic partners,( like joint ventures, franchises and distributorships) and buying and selling businesses. It is a complete and a comprehensive FREE site providing  entrepreneurs with resources for the entire life cycle of their businesses from the conception of the business idea to final sale of  business. It aims to create a virtual community where entrepreneurs can learn, interact and find capital, partners and advisors to start and grow their businesses

Given below are questions that you may have regarding this site. If you have any more questions please let us know at  info@VentureAhead.com

General Questions

What is VentureAhead.com ?

How is VentureAhead.com different from other info-mediary sites?

How does the "VC and M&A Exchange work ?

If the VentureAhead.com is offering  FREE services , how does it make money  to maintain itself ?

If everything is free on the site, then why is registration required ? What are the benefits of   being a registered member ?

Can you give me a list of resources that I can use on the site without having to register as a member ?

What offline services do you offer to Businesses and Investors?

How do I get in touch with VentureAhead.com ?

I reside outside India. What online and offline services can you offer me?

Questions For Businesses

As a business, why should I register at VentureAhead.com?

Is there a listing or registration fee?

What information will be viewed by the member investors?

Can I contact member investors or members seeking partners directly?

What happens when potential investors express an interest in my company?

Can I send VentureAhead.com my Business Plan?

How do I register and List my requirements in VentureAhead.com's database?

Questions for Investors

Why should I use VentureAhead.com to help me find potential investment opportunities?

What type of investors can list on VentureAhead.com?

Is there a listing or membership fee?

I reside outside India. What online and offline services can you offer me?

I do not have time to search thru your database to look for companies which suit my investment preferences . Can you help?

I don't want entrepreneurs and businesses to contact me directly. How can you ensure this?

Does VentureAhead.com guarantee SEBI compliance  for the offerings by the member companies?

How do I register and List my requirements in VentureAhead.com's database?

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