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Indian VC Industry Outlook 2001 - 02 Survey                                             June 2001

This survey was conducted in Q1 of fiscal 2001 - 02. With the dotcom meltdown, impending global recession and the deceleration of growth of the Indian economy we felt that the Indian  VC industry may also be impacted. We contacted 48 Indian VCs to get their views on the industry outlook for 2001 - 02 and the long term future of the VC Industry. The results ...


Indian Venture Capital Industry Practices Survey                                 February 2001

This survey ws conducted in Q4 2000. As Indian  VC  industry  is  in  a  "start-up" phase  and  its dynamics  is  not  fully understood by everyone. One reason for this is  paucity of  information  regarding the  process  of raising  capital  and  the expectations  of the Venture Capitalists. This has resulted in a market mismatch -- lack  of VC funding  for  the  entrepreneurs on one hand, and  poor deal flow resulting in  surplus  funds  with the VC investors, on the other.

With the objective of understanding and disseminating information regarding the practices being followed by the VC Industry in India we contacted 48 Indian VCs. The results ...

Outlook 2001 - 02 Survey
VC Practices Survey

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