Entrepreneurship Guide

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy option. Read this guide and learn about what it takes be an entrepreneur. You can also test and find out whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur by taking the Psychological Tests which we have compiled for you as part of the guide.


Business Plan Guide

If you are looking for venture capital then the first thing you have to do is make a Business Plan. A well made business plan considerably increases your chances of getting venture capital for your business. This guide discusses all the components of a good business plan. It provides you with questions and tips and tricks to help you through the entire process of making your business plan. Made by a panel of experts this guide brings to you several man-years of planning wisdom which is surely going to benefit you in your quest for raising venture capital.


Venture Capital Guide

"What is Venture Capital ?"  "How do I raise Venture Capital for my business ... " This guide provides you with all the answers that you need relating to raising venture capital. Learn and understand about the venture capital industry function, what VCs are look for, the process of venture capital, the returns VCs expect and more. It also provides a brief history of venture capital industry in the USA and in India.  


Angel Investor Guide

If you are starting a new business or if you have an business idea and you need funding then your best bet may be an Angel Investor. Read this guide to understand the motivations of angel investors and the mechanics of angel financing.

If you are an angel investor or would like to be an angel investor then you may like to read the guide to learn about how you can find viable ventures to invest in.


Incubation Guide

Business incubation provides a solid foundation to start up businesses. Interestingly 80% of the businesses that " graduate" from incubators go on to be successful as against 20% of non-incubated businesses which are successful. This guide explains the concept of business incubation and gives you an understanding of what you can expect from an incubator, apart from giving you tips and tricks regarding incubation and incubators.


Joint Venture Guide                                                                       Under Construction!


This guide explains how and why joint ventures are created and how they can be best structured and managed to provide the required payoffs to both (or all) the "parents" of the joint venture. It also discusses other strategic alliances to provide an overview of how businesses can leverage their core competence by entering into such alliances.


Franchising Guide                                                                         Under Construction!


Taking up a franchise is one of the least risky options if you are planning to start out on your own as an entrepreneur. This guide explains the franchising concepts, its benefits and pitfalls and other relevant issues, including legal issues, which you as an entrepreneur should be aware of before you take up a franchise.


Buying & Selling Businesses                                                          Under Construction!


Buying or selling a business is a complicated process encompassing various legal, accounting, valuation and business issues. This guide gives you an insight into the issues involved in buying or selling a business.

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